Environmental Impact Reduction

Orex Minerals is committed to operating with minimal environmental impact. Responsible environmental practices are key to the successful implementation of an exploration program.

How we implement this strategy - reporting
Possible environmental impacts and proposed mitigation strategies are detailed in an "Informe Preventivo" (I.P.), a technical document prepared by environmental consultants in collaboration with Orex Minerals. The I.P. is a major component of notice of work applications filed by Orex with the Federal Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources – "Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales" (SAMARNAT). The I.P. contains details of existing flora and fauna assemblages and addresses all aspects of potential impact, including water, soil and air quality, as well as noise and visual pollution. Orex is dedicated to reducing the footprint of mineral exploration activities on the land and reclamation programs are ongoing throughout the year.

How we implement this strategy- sustainable technology
Orex uses "man-portable" drilling equipment, which is hauled to drill locations in pieces and assembled on site. Depending on terrain, this process can be conducted using hand cut all-terrain vehicle tracks to replace bulldozer roads. This process can be a little slower to construct, but it allows access to previously unexplored areas, with very little surface disturbance. In select rugged areas, the use of mules and burros can also be employed for moving equipment, fuel and consumables. Once the crew is finished drilling in an area, the drill pads are removed to be used again and recontouring and seeding of pads and paths is performed to restore grasses in that area.

How we implement this strategy- water efficiency
Orex Minerals and its contractors perform land reclamation and water recycling during rock saw cutting and diamond drilling. Our diamond drilling procedures use water pumped down rods to cool the diamond tipped drill bit, as a result, rock powder comes up with the outflow. This water is caught in settling ponds and reused for the drilling procedure.

Capture settling ponds are constructed for recycling diamond drilling water outflow.

How we implement this strategy- respecting the land
Our Company and its partners respect the areas in which we work and seek to educate our workers on how to properly treat the unique ecosystem in which we operate. For example, below is an educational sign describing the local cactus species for protection, created with our joint venture partner Fresnillo. Both the Company and our partners consider and strive to protect the local flora and fauna.

"Conocelos y protegelos son parte de tu area de trabajo" (Know them and protect them as they are part of your work area).

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